Filled with full spectrum CBD oil with absolutely no additives or fillers. Our CBD Vapes utilize glass and ceramic technology, skipping out on cheap plastic and cotton commonly found in the vaping industry. Contains a full spectrum of cannabinoids ready for you to inhale and absorb. 


Say goodbye to restless, sleepless nights. Our Dream pen will help you drift into deeper sleep with better dreaming, like being spooned on a Sunday afternoon. No matter how stressful the day was, you won’t be kept awake thinking about...



Our bodies need a lot of love, and our Heal pen is perfect for total-body pampering. The natural rush of comfort will relax sore muscles, relieve pain, and promote all-around wellbeing. Your body will feel as strong as it did...



For a much needed boost of energy and focus, you can rely on our Amplify pen. You’ll rebound from fatigue and have the stamina to accomplish your day’s most important goals, like a come-from-behind championship victory. Strengthen your motivation. Magnify...



Reset your mind, body, spirit equilibrium with our Balance pen. The fast-acting effects provide you with both calm and focus, like continually expanding ripples throughout your entire body. This pen will become your most trusted sidekick for whatever the universe...



Let our Create pen be your muse. You’ll experience a rush of inspiration helping you finish your latest masterpiece. Made from 100% organic USA hemp and natural plant-derived terpenes with no additives, period. With sharper concentration, upbeat energy, and an...



The most advanced CBD battery in the world. Sourced from only the best CBD Vape manufacturer in the world, this battery packs an intense punch. Easily toggle between high and low settings while having a microchip that controls the temperature...



Are your CBD Vapes full spectrum?

Yes, we use high quality full spectrum hemp oil in all of our CBD Vapes to ensure you get the most out of our products.

Does your CBD Vape contain plastic or cotton?

We realize hardware matters when it comes to a product, that’s why we chose to use cotton and plastic free cartridges. We work directly with a vape manufacturer to bring you high quality glass cartridges with heavy metal free materials. Ceramic is the best option for mouth pieces, so we skipped out on plastic for those too.

Do you add any cutting agents or fillers in your vapes?

No! We do not use any fillers or cutting agents in our CBD Vapes. The CBD vapes we sell contain only CBD full spectrum oil and terpenes. Scientist do not know the effects of vaping additives like MCT, PG, VG, or PEG yet, so we choose not to sell products with traces of these compounds.

Do you use MCT oil in your vape cartridges?

No. We do not use MCT oil in any of our CBD Vape cartridges, although we did create disposable vapes when we first started that contained MCT. To learn more about CBD Vapes visit our page on vaping.

What are your CBD Vapes made of?

OrganiCBD believes in high quality products, that’s why we chose to make vapes with only distillate and terpenes. Using cheap additives or fillers like medium-chain-triglycerides and propylene glycol may result in a bad experience and unknown problems.

Is vaping CBD healthy for me?

Although vaping may be known the be the most efficient way to take CBD, we can not provide any information or make any claims regarding this matter. We recommend you contact your doctor and see what is right for you.